Children who still need families

There are SOO many children who need families to love and care for them.  Children who are waiting and hoping that someone will see THEM, see past the environment they are coming from and past the physical disabilities that have labeled them to see the precious blessing God created them to be!  It breaks my heart that I am not enough to bring more home, but I can advocate for them,  I can pray for them, and I can pass their information along so that maybe someone will stumble upon one of their pictures and recognize their child!  These are the listings on Reece's Rainbow that have especially tugged at my heart.

This sweet boy was listed just today.  Words....I have none.  I am heart broken for these tiny little boy who at 4 years old weighs only 26 pounds probably 1/3 to 1/2 of that weight is from his swollen head.  My heart cries out and wants to know "why."  I want my husband to see him and say "YES, let's bring him home", I I I, but in the end I am not my own - it is Christ who works in me to do His will.  What that will is for Walt I don't know - but I am asking you to be willing to also act as the hands and feet of Jesus.  Help Walt find his family.

Walt #359 OD

359_PhotoWalt is a 4-year-old boy has massive hydrocephalus, hypotrophy and delayed neuro-psychological development.
He does not stand upright and does not make steps; He is unstable if not provided with some kind of support.The child does not react when being called by name. He does not understand the adults’ speech. According to the caregivers, the child sometimes pronounces unspecified sound combinations when contacted by an adult. When stimulated with verbal and tactile stimuli, the child reacts with a brief look.He does not reach for and does not hold objects with his hands.The child eats alone, assisted by an adult. He cannot control his physiological needs.

THIS IS AUGUSTIN.... Oh my goodness!! Are you seeing what I am seeing?   That's right an absolutely adorable little life without a mama and daddy.  Can you even imagine being the lucky one to call him your son?  Love this little life the second I saw him, he needs a family quickly.  PLEASE PRAY PRAY PRAY for him to find a family and for them to get to him quickly!

Boy, born February 2011
CP, quadriplegia, microcephaly, cerebral cachexia, seizure disorder

Sweet Augustin has a host of medical issues, but hopefully someone will see past those terms to the boy he is, and the boy he can be!   He needs a mama!

$0.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

How do I only appeal to people for one or two little souls when there are so many in the world aching, not just physically but emotionally for someone to put their arms around them and tell them they are special.  Please someone look at Sergey and tell him how much God loves him!  Tell him that He has not left him or forsook him.  


Boy, Born October 15, 2007
This little monkey has a whole host of medical complications, but he is so darling and will surely perish if he is not adopted.  He will end up in an institution, bedridden for his very short life.  :(   Please consider Sergey!
From his medical records:  secondary post-hemorrhagic obstructive internal hydrocephalus, spastic tetraparesis, convulsive disorder, mental disorder as a result of organic affection of brain, additional chord of the left heart ventricle, partial optic atrophy, congenital nystagmus, crossed eyes, delay of physical development
Regrettably, this orphanage is one of the poorer ones, with very little outside aid and very little hope.    All of the children are tiny and undernourished.  These children are immediately transferred at 4.  All of our waiting children need families, but these have a critical need.  Please consider one of these children soon!!

$5028.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

Janna is almost 8 years old!  8 years laying in a crib without a family.   UGgg, I can NOT even begin to imagine her life, and yet she smiles!  How is that even possible?  Will you be her family, will you be the one to make a difference to her life forever?


Girl, born January 2005
Look at Janna’s long lovely fingers!
Janna has a congential anomaly of the brain.  Both pictures we have of her she is lying down — she desperately needs a family to rescue her.   Once she is transferred, she will likely be left in bed for the rest of her days.
There are many children in this orphanage who could be adopted together.
From a family who met her in 2012:
I did not see her moving much but she would arch her back occasionally and make a few noises.  She desperately wanted to move though.  Desperately!  She was the only child I ever saw that was given toys (I would suspect it was because the other kids would likely throw them out of the crib but Janna would keep them in the crib and play with them).  The fact that she would play purposefully with toys speaks volumes about her cognitive ability.  She would dangle the toys over her face and wiggle them around.  She could move all of her limbs but did not seem to have enough strength to sit up on her own (although she almost did it).  I do not know if she can roll herself over but when she did move she seemed to have more trunk and upper body strength then I expected.  She was given one opportunity to sit up and be on her tummy and SHE LOVED IT!  She reached for toys and enjoyed looking at herself in the mirror.
If I had to guess (and again it’s just a guess) I would guess that she has hydrocephalus and seizures.  If that is true, I believe the care takers are hesitant to touch or move her.  They may not understand hydrocephalus and seizures and are afraid to trigger one.
What touched me the most was every time I would rub her head or hands she looked at me like it was the most soothing thing that had ever happened to her – I will never forget that look.   It was as if years of horrible memories were released and she soaked up the gentle attention.
My heart is absolutely broken for her… Janna is 7 years old and is living at the orphanage on borrowed time.  It is believed that she will be transferred to a mental institution in September 2012.  However if a family commits to adopt her the orphanage director may keep her at the orphanage until they come.  I cannot even bring myself to think of her life in a mental institution, she is far too sweet and too gentle to deal with what she would experience.  Please…someone…rescue Janna
$1042.50 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

Oh my goodness aren't these boys precious?!  Please pray for them to find a family quickly!

Bert and Ernie

30319113915 (2)30319113543What a handsome pair of boys!  And so young!

Boy, born February 2008
Bert has cerebral palsy; we don’t have any specific information

Boy, born March 2009
Younger brother, Ernie, is healthy.  He is only available to be adopted WITH his brother.

Large families welcome; married couples only.
$27.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!


  1. Howdy...did you know that we are committed to Zoey?? I see her photo on your blog as still waiting. We are committed to Zoey and Edward and are on Reece's. We have a wonderful new photo of her on our blog, and on Reece's, too!

    1. Yes!! I know. The little ones in blue lettering at the bottom have found families. I will try to find a way to clarify that. I LOVE THAT YOU ARE ADOPTING ZOEY!!! I actually asked our sw if we could add her before you committed to her. What a relief to see that she had a family coming for her. :D I will add your blog to my blog roll. :)