Our Adoption Schedule

September 28,  2012  Inquired about Lance

October 02, 2012       Got pictures, a video, and medical reports for Lance

October 03, 2012       Found out his file was going to be returned October 14th if he wasn't committed to!

October 09, 2012       Officially turned in our applications and homestudy documents to our placing agency and our homestudy agency.

October 10, 2012       Melissa is finger printed

October 11, 2012       Melissa passport sent off for renewal

October 22, 2012       Fingerprinting mailed in.

October 25, 2012       First home study visit!

October 30th, 2012     Physicals for everyone :P

November 09, 2012     Both Todd's and my passports are in hand along with the apostilled docs to send to L's country next week

November 28, 2012  Found out CBI Fingerprints are taking 12 weeks instead of the 6-8

December 10, 2012  God is merciful and our CBI Fingerprints are cleared!!! (7weeks!)

The Following is a tentative order up to the point that we get to meet Lance:

December 2012            Estimated time for Homestudy completion

December 17-25, 2012   Hoping to turn in I-800a (Takes 60-90 days to receive approval)

January 10, 2013  Officially Homestudy complete and I-800a mailed in! (Later than I wanted, but God is gracious and I have found renewed energy with this news of progress!)

January 17, 2013           Check to USCIS cashed

January 22, 2013           Received Lock box notice for I-797c ( I-800a)

January 28, 2013           Received our Biometrics appt for USCIS (YAY!!!)

January 29,  2013          Walked in and got our Biometrics done!!!

February 9, 2013           Decided to commit to adopting Drake if God provided half of the added expenses to adopt him in less than the 2 weeks we estimate we have before we submit our dossier.  $3500.00 in 2 weeks?!

February 15, 2013        Less than a week and $20 more than we asked God for!  Is this His will? We think so.

February 16-18, 2013        Waiting for Drake's file to be transferred from one agency in Drake's country to our agency there.

February 19, 2013         Signed and mailed commitment papers for Drake!

March 01, 2013               Addendum to homestudy sent to USCIS

March 13, 2013             USCIS approval FINALLY

March 18, 2013            Mailed off our DOSSIER!!!!!!

March 22, 2013            Dossier arrives in country

March 25, 2013            Our attorney officially has our dossier!!!

April 8, 2013                Submitted!!!

April 11, 2013             Verbal referral!

May 10, 2013              Written referral and travel dates!!!!

May 24 - Jun 8, 2013     First trip

June 13,2013               I-800 mailed

June 25, 2013             USCIS check cashed

July 18, 2013            Official USCIS APPROVAL!

August 1, 2013         Article 5  

August 13,2013        Submitted to the MOJ                     

MOJ signature         October 4

 Court                      October 29th

Court Decree            November 12

Trip 2                        Nov 29-Dec6

Gotcha! Day             Dec 2


  1. Where are you adopting from, Bulgaria? Or is that where Chad is located?

    1. Tengo-or Tracey, I can't comment publicly about where Chad is from or where Lance is. HOWEVER, you can ask Shelley about him at shele337@gmail.com
      She is really terrific about getting back to people even during nontraditional work hours!

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