Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Do you remember me posting this a few weeks ago:

I will forever be jealous of the lucky family that gets to bring Drake home.  He is so happy and full of life!  He is smiling and laughing in all of his videos.  He can push himself in a wheelchair and is learning to feed himself. I am so confident that with a family he could lead a very normal full life! I almost don't want to advocate for him because I want to go get him.  Since I have to wait on God to say ok, I want someone to see him for the amazing little man he is and commit to love and care for him forever!  ARE YOU THE LUCKY PARENT TO DRAKE?

Drake #6-10

Drake2013DOB: 2008
Diagnosis: Freeman-Sholden Syndrome (a form of arthrogryposis)
Drake has made significant improvements in the past year. His physical strength has greatly improved. He’s now sitting up independently, pulling up onto his knees in the bed and is working hard to learn to get himself to a complete stand position. When placed against support, he can stand and hold on to something. He can get around independently in a walker and wheelchair. He is working with a physical therapist and learning to crawl. He drinks from a cup independently and eats from a spoon. He plays appropriately with toys and will mimic any action that he’s shown. He still prefers to use his left hand, but he is beginning to manipulate objects with his right hand as well. He enjoys playing board games with other children. He differentiates between familiar adults and strangers. He responds appropriately to praise and to correction. He repeats words that are said to him and is beginning to spontaneously talk. He understands what is said to him and follows verbal directions.
The agency has several photos and videos from January 2013. In the videos, Drake is walking in a gait trainer, standing up at a PT bar, following verbal directions and interacting with staff. Drake is in a very nice orphanage that has many resources. The orphanage’s location allows for easy travel for adoptive parents and also allows for the adoption trips to be shortened.

WELL!!!  God was so gracious to show us that WE

 ARE DRAKE'S FAMILY!!! That means we don't have 

to be jealous of other parents, because he's ours!! 

This is our child!

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  1. No words. Being the mom of a precious AMC'er ... you are going to be one blessed woman!!! Hoping that if you go to the Shriners in Philly that we will meet up.

    1. Thank you Julia, we are so excited about our little one! Are you in Philly?

  2. I'm looking for info in diapers. I'm curious where you got them from. I'm in need of MORE.

    1. Hi Janelle,
      I'm sorry I don't have the diapers anymore. I had them made for me, but I don't still have the contact info. I have some wetbags available, but that's all. Thank you!!