Tuesday, December 24, 2013

2 weeks home

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  It is so strange to be looking BACK on the whole adoption process.   I find myself staring at Lance sometimes in utter awe that here is this little boy whose picture I started at tirelessly for months.  I watched his one minute video over and over until I had it memorized completely.  He seemed so much like a dream, the idea of adopting him and having him in our family seemed so far away and yet here he is now in my home, with his own little bed, warm BOY jammies, and a mommy who is willing to syringe feed him every hour to keep him hydrated when he is sick.  He is smiling a little more and recognizing the difference between one person holding him and mama and smiles when I take him.  We had a long week as he came down with an ear infection and a pretty high fever that would not go away despite the antibiotic, Tylenol, and Motrin.  We visited the doctor every week day and were on the phone with the on call doc twice on the weekend.  They discussed hospitalizing my little man mostly to hydrate since Lance didn't want to eat and would clench his jaw and then spit everything out - BUT! God is merciful and after a stronger antibiotic, little man is doing tons better, just in time for his first Christmas HOME!
  Elliott has so much personality and he continues to amaze me. He has some anxiety things, but he knows I am his mom and prefers me to other people.  When Daddy got him out of bed the other morning, he immediately asked about "Mama".  He took his first INDEPENDENT steps the other day and we cheered so loud I'm sure the neighbors could hear.  Elliott tells himself "BRAVO!" when he is proud and we have been hearing that a lot :) He tells me "I lawv you" all throughout the day and sings "Jesus Loves Me" including the hand signs.   Let me just say, that kids is SMART SMART SMART.   I feel more and more confident as time goes on that he is capable of absolutely anything he wants to do.  Just as I look at Lance in awe sometimes that we finally have him home, I sometimes look at Elliott and feel tremendous sadness for his birth parents.  They have no idea what a beautiful and perfect child they gave up or what a beautiful life they are missing out on.
  Alright, it's past midnight and I'm sure my kidlets will want to be up early to open Christmas presents in the morning, but I wanted to give a quick update for those of you who have so diligently prayed and supported our family and our little ones. THANK YOU!

My sick little man :(

One of Elliott's favorite foods "MacanOni" (macaroni)

Elliott wanting to hold my hand - look at those long fingers

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