Wednesday, March 19, 2014


It has been a busy month with lots of progress! The boys are doing terrific and we are absolutely blessed to have them in our lives.  I want to write an update on their 3 MONTHS HOME, and am working on it ;)

HOWEVER, that is not the purpose of this post.   There is a little boy half way around the world in a country close to my heart.   He has been listed for international adoption SEVERAL times.  The first time his little face was seen it looked like this:

Chubby happy baby

A little while longer...he waited.  No-one wanted this chubby little boy.  He laid in a crib, surrounded by green walls, and the only interaction he had was with white coats and rough hands. His little rosy cheeks faded into a blue tinged pale and began to sink...the sparkle in his handsome eyes was gone.

Scared, alone, dying

He was listed and this was the longer chubby, but now gaunt - starving! SAD! MISERABLE!  People saw this picture, they saw the little bones that are surrounded by nothing but pale flesh.  They saw a face PLEADING for help...and no-one wanted him. No-one fought for him.

SOMEHOW Samson has survived past the previous picture, but he continues to wait.  Now his tiny malnourished body lies contorted, arched into a position not possible for you or I because of seizures and spams that are left uncontrolled.   These unmanaged seizures continue to rob this little boy of things he once had,  stripping him of hope.  He waits....

I have seen this place, I have seen those same white coats that he sees briefly throughout the day.  I love this boy.   He needs a family NOW!    The life of an orphan *living* like this is absolutely beyond my comprehension.  I will never understand his pain or suffering.   What I know is that the worst of criminals in our country are treated with more dignity and respect than this child.    One of the worst forms of torture is solitary confinement because it causes more suffering than anything physical can and that is the sentencing that Samson has been given.  Why?  Because he was born with cerebral palsy, because he was too hard or too different he was discarded.  He was given a death sentence... to lie untouched and uncared about until his seizures or starvation claim him.

This does NOT have to be his life - he can be surrounded by laughter and joy, he can know what a full belly and love feels like.  He can learn to relax and not live in fear of seizures and constant spasms.   He just needs ONE family to step forward and give him HOPE again.    To learn more about Samson please email Shelley at

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