Sunday, November 6, 2016

Just keep swimming

  It is not an easy fight for lives that you love yet have no contact with.  In about 9 days we will have court and, God willing,  two children will become legally "ours."   Children, who never knew the comforting arms of a mother or father, who never had siblings come lovingly hug and play with them, who never knew the sights/sounds/smells of FAMILY, will suddenly have one! Sort of. We aren't sure when we will be able to pick them up, usually between 4-6 weeks after court, however the holidays fall right in the middle of that and that makes our timeline even more unpredictable than normal.

 We spent one day last week setting out and packing outfits, choosing "gotcha day" outfits and imagining what sizes will best suit our 8 year old and 4 year old kids (based on height we settled on sizes 2T for both of them :) )

  Now...We wait. 

  This part of the process never gets start to get excited and then nervous. You wonder what they will be like? What will life be like for your entire family? Are you prepared enough ?(umm... I already know the answer to this is "no" because it's impossible to prepare for the unknown) 
Will the new kids be able to handle the transition?  etc...and the what if's start to overwhelm you.  You are ready to just get started!

  So, we are trying to focus on some fun things while we wait - like baking Fall cookies and Christmas shopping!   I was so fortunate to get the entire day with my 6 year old yesterday to just enjoy HER.  I remember how important one on one time is with each of my children both for them and for me :)   Speaking of which, I need to finish reviewing my 11 year old's report with her before school tomorrow and give my 4 year old a bath, so I guess I'm ending this here for now :) Thank you for listening! 


  1. Hello!I'm still wating for an wordelfull update! Love and hugs ! :)

    1. Sorry!! The new post is up now! Thank you for caring <3