Friday, November 23, 2012

Cornucopias and THANKSGIVING


What on earth IS that?  

It's a CORNUCOPIA, of course!  

When Todd and I got married 9 1/2 years ago some friends of ours told us about their family tradition of making cornucopias out of bread dough and stuffing them with fun little gifts (kind of like a Christmas stocking)  We were so excited about the idea and it has become our tradition ever since!

Here is Daddy showing Louis his very first cornucopia on his first Thanksgiving

Here are the girls digging in to their cornucopias with much anticipation (Elliana was up at 1am because she was so excited about getting her cornucopia in the morning!)

 Boy!  Do I have soo much to be thankful for.  I would say it is specific to this year, but the truth is every year I am filled to the brim with blessings.  My cup overfloweth!!  Just look at my family above.  How could I say anything less?  This year has been H.A.R.D. for us in so many ways and yet God's mercies are new EVERY DAY!  

Next year, may it be pleasing to my Lord, we will have pictures of Lance with his cornucopia!!!  To say the idea of having him home with us for next year didn't occur to me more than once yesterday, would be a complete lie.  I thought of him soo much.  It was painful to think of him lying alone in his crib all day,  much of that time probably feeling hungry and in pain.   My only solace in this is the hope that it will be less than a year before he will be in our warm home, with a soft mattress to sleep on and loving arms to love and care for him!


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