Monday, November 5, 2012


Oh my goodness, I am SO excited about this! Let me start by telling you that it is incredibly hard to fundraise, because quite simply no one likes to ask or be asked for money!  I've been trying to find a way to make it easy and fun for others to get involved in "putting the pieces together" for our Lance.  Ok so here are the details in the easiest way I can think of to explain:

We are putting together a "Mystery Puzzle"   When the puzzle is finished we will frame it in double sided glass and hang it in Lance's room as a reminder of everyone who cared about and supported him.

The puzzle picture is of a child with special needs who is currently in the process of being adopted by ANOTHER family.

The child on the puzzle was chosen by someone other than us, which means the puzzle will be a surprise to us too!

For every $5.00 donation your name is written on the back of a puzzle piece and added to the puzzle, revealing a little more of the picture. Buy one for yourself, your spouse, your kids, or as a gift in someone's name.  

Once the puzzle is completed $100.00 will be donated to help fund bringing the child in the puzzle home to his/her forever family.

This is such a fun game to play and a way to bless more than one adoptive family, but more importantly to contribute to 2 REAL LIVES of REAL ORPHANS who have never known the love of a family.  Thank you so much for participating and don't forget to check in regularly to see our puzzle come together!

1.  Donate to the Reece's Rainbow link on this page  CLICK DONATE
2. Comment at  with the name you want written on your puzzle piece  (Example:  I donated! Name:..........)

The puzzle is 252 pieces total, at 50% complete we will giveaway a $50 gift card to walmart and again at 100% another $50 gift card to walmart (SOUNDS FUN, HUH?!)

A local photographer has very generously donated a photography session to be given to one pre-marked puzzle piece.  This means if you happen to donate and that puzzle piece is drawn for you, you will receive a photo session from Knightsbridge Photography.

252 puzzle pieces
250 to go!!!!

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  1. Best of luck!

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