Sunday, December 2, 2012

Heirloom Ornaments for Lance

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Homemade ornaments anyone?

My Great Aunt lived through some very rough times.  Her mom used to buy her clothes at second hand stores that were much to big for her and hideous to boot!  So being the resourceful A M A Z I N G woman that she was/is she cut those clothes up and sewed them into potholders which she then went door to door selling to make money to buy clothes that fit!  She became an INCREDIBLE quilter and has made the most beautiful heirloom quilts I have ever seen....all elaborately hand quilted.

Growing up we all admired my Aunt Betty's quilts and longed for the day when we "might" get to have one. *side note* I did get a beautiful quilt from her as a baby which I carried around and loved until it was complete rags!
Anyway, every year for Christmas we would get a Christmas Card from Aunt Betty which was completely exciting because the envelope was always addressed to ...and family (This obviously meant me! which gave me permission to open it, right?!)  One year in particular we got a package.  We NEVER got packages, so when this one came and it was from Aunt Betty we were ecstatic!  Inside it were 3 of the most beautiful Quilted Christmas Ornaments. (One for my brother, my sister, and me!)  We CHERISHED those and they continue to mean so much to us.

So when I found out how to make them I wanted to use these beautiful, creative ornaments which can easily be passed down as heirlooms one day to help raise money to bring our precious baby Lance home!

So to get one:  Donate $13.50 to our CHIP IN.  The top right ornament is a Flag ornament,  the bottom left is a Cerebral Palsy Awareness ornament in honor of Lance,  I also made a couple of Down's Syndrome awareness ornaments and am happy to make different Flag ornaments if you have a specific country that is near and dear to YOUR heart!  Let me know!  LIKE US ON FACEBOOK TO SEE THE REST OF THE ORNAMENTS!

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