Sunday, December 9, 2012

So many things

I keep trying to write a post here and now have a few drafts going.  I just can't figure out how to prioritize my thoughts!

I will start with some T E R R I F I C news!! Zoey has a family!!  Precious little Zoey was prayed for and advocated for and a family saw her and committed to her within a few days!  Praise be to God!

Now I'm going to beg for a minute.   There are a few precious children who have been made available for international adoption one more time on Reece's Rainbow.  Getting listed for international adoption from this country is a big deal.  So many kids need homes in these orphanages but because it takes effort most of them  are never found out about. Getting on Reece's Rainbow is another huge step for these little ones because they stand a chance of being seen and finding a family!  You can imagine how heart breaking for them to have been given this gift more than once and being rejected more than once.  Their files are only available for 2 months at a time which means a family needs to find them soon before the files get sent back yet again....

Here is Kramer.  He is absolutely precious - don't you think so too?!   He is 8 years old, that's older than my oldest and weighs about 25 pounds (That's less than half of my 7 year old!)  He has cerebral palsy and is absolutely cute as a button.  He's had an awfully sad life, full of neglect and pain.

Can you imagine the pain of starvation?  He can.
Can you imagine being in pain,  hurting, being lonely, and not being able to move or talk? Not being able to escape this prison?  He can.

His name is Kramer.

Not only can he imagine it - he is living it.

I read this quote today:
"I used to wonder if I was ready to be an adoptive parent, until I realized children are never ready to be orphans." - Glenn Styffe
How profound!  We think we should be able to choose what we want to do, and we have that liberty - millions of orphans all over the world don't get that luxury.  Kramer doesn't get to choose whether he is going to wake up behind the crib bars for the rest of his life.  KRAMER doesn't get to choose whether he will eat tomorrow or the day after.  Kramer doesn't get to choose whether he will get to look into someone's caring eyes even once or feel the warmth of a mother's fingers on his face or a daddy's strong arms around him.

Is there someone out there who will choose life for him?!  Will you see the value in this soul?  If you are not his family, will you please share this with one other person and ask them to do the same?  Will YOU help me advocate for this living, breathing little boy?!  (I said I was going to beg)


  1. My heart aches for him; how I wish we could take him!! We are currently going through the process in adopting our special needs son from the Ukraine; my heart breaks for them all. We are praying like crazy this sweet boy finds his Mommy and Daddy!! He deserves SO much better!

    1. Thank you! I wish we could add him to our adoption too, but I know God has a family for him....we just need to help them find him!!! I hope your adoption goes quickly and smoothly! Congratulations!