Thursday, January 3, 2013


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2013 has finally arrived.  I have learned a lot from 2012 and gained the most precious little boy, but I will confess that it was a H A R D year. We moved twice and went through 3 job changes.  There were several difficult struggles with our extended family's health and I was brought to my knees almost daily.

I have learned that God did not call His people to a life of ease and that our ways are not always His ways.  Despite what I may want to think - I am not an exception.

I have been so convicted of what wealth means to different people in the past few months  I remember Diane Keaton's line in "Father of the Bride":  " We don't go to Europe.  We don't own fancy cars.  I don't own expensive jewelry, so we can afford to have a big wedding."
They had an amazing house in an expensive area with great vehicles and the attitude that they were living modestly.

Now it's time for me to look in the mirror. I'm reminded by the poverty around the world. In Lance's country a head nurse in the same place for 15 years brings home less than $500 a month and living expenses are the same price there as they are in the US. They live in MODEST homes and understand sacrifice. I wonder what some of these people would think if they saw me in my home with 2 vehicles that run and no shortage of food or clothing for my family. "Embarassment of riches" comes to mind. Do we struggle? Yes. Do we have a fat savings account? No. Does my car need to be fixed? Yes. Have I used duct tape on a folding table for a kitchen table before? Yes. BUT, I have sooo much! God always provides and if I were to be honest with you and with myself, there is so much more that I can give and sacrifice. Mother Theresa said that we should "give until it hurts" How many of us have truly given until it hurts? In a society where a cell phone and personal laptop is considered a basic necessity not just for a household but for each member in that home - we do not know what it means to give until it hurts!

So, with God's help I am going to try to remember all of these HUGE blessings I have been given each day!
I hope you will too, because if you are reading this that means you have access to the internet, a computer or some form of ipad/ipod/cell phone etc....and therefore are probably reading from the comfort of a heated building with clean running water and have eaten at least once in the past 2 days.  Yes,  we have A LOT to thank God for!

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