Wednesday, December 19, 2012


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Just a quick post...

I found out today from our agency that no-one has even inquired about Chad.  He has been fortunate enough  to be listed on Reece's Rainbow twice (If you knew how hard it is to get listed from his orphanage and to get on Reece's Rainbow you would see what a blessing it is for him to get listed TWICE)  and NO ONE, NOT EVEN ONE PERSON has inquired about him.

How is this possible?  How can a starving, neglected, 9 year old who looks like a toddler have NO ONE want him?  My heart hurts for him.  He has a soul just like you and me.  My children and yours were given a precious gift of being born to parents who adore them and have the ability to care for them - this will likely effect their eternity because they will be raised to believe in God and the Bible and will know God's love.  Can you imagine one of your children living his life just because they were born in Chad's country?

Uggg, my heart cannot take it.   The pain and suffering of these orphaned children is simply not bearable.   Some suffering more than others because they were abandoned at an orphanage where people view their imperfections as curses and think they are worthless.  Directors who actually believe they do not deserve love or families.  People who were placed in a position specifically to show them compassion, tell families who WANT them NOT to adopt them!  Can you imagine?

Chad needs a family more than words can express, but I am asking you to PLEASE consider how you can help him find that family.  His potential family ( that you or someone you know??) can contact Shelley about him at

Here is a documentary from a few years ago to give you something to think about and even more to be thankful for as you look toward your holiday blessings!

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