Thursday, January 10, 2013


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I am thrilled!!!  I called our homestudy social worker yesterday to find if our homestudy had been turned in for state approval (Apparently Colorado is one of the few states that requires approval from the state along with all of the other hoops we have to jump through) she wasn't sure and had told me to call and check in with our contact at the agency here in Colorado today.

Well, school and naps and life happened and I still hadn't called by 2 O'clock...but that's ok, because God is soooo wonderful!! My contact called to say that our state had not only already received it but had approved it so we are OFFICIALLY HOME STUDY COMPLETE!!! PRAISE THE LORD!  Our petition for immigration is being mailed out today and I'm on a mission!  My energy and enthusiasm is on overdrive once more as we forge through to our next step - mailing off that dossier*!!! (If you don't know what a dossier is yet, it is a long list of documents which have been notarized and notarized again and then sent to Lance's country for approval!)


1.  Our physicals have to be notarized...if you've ever had to get a busy dr to take time away from his schedule to have something notarized you can imagine this is not going to be fun or easy.  Please pray that both Todd's and my doctor will be willing to have our forms notarized PROMPTLY!  (Especially since Todd's doctor retired and we have to hunt him down :O)
As always, God works so fast!  I talked to Todd's doctor this morning for a long time actually (Love you Dr. Thompson!) and between talking to him and my agency got the notarizing figured out.  This was one of my biggest "current" stressor.

2.   Timing...we have heard that I-800a approval (that's code for immigration ;-) ) can take from 60-90 days, BUT someone I heard of this week had it in less than 14 days!  We would REALLY love to have that be the case since our little angel is uncomfortably waiting and hurting every single day extra that it takes us - he has no idea that someone loves him SO much and I imagine that life would be excruciating.  So we would love if you would pray with us that our I-800a would also be completed PROMPTLY!

3.  Lance!!!  I had thought we were going to be getting an update on his health after a specialist was supposed to see him in September....apparently, that update is just not going to come.  I am going to have to wait until I meet him in person to have any kind of update.  I don't know how he is doing and it hurts.  As much as my heart cries out to help him or at least just to KNOW, I know that is nothing in contrast to the reality that is his life.  Pray for his comfort and especially that someone will reach out to him and love him until we get to.

4.  Funds. The country we are adopting from only requires fees in increments - which is great!  (Instead of eating the whole head of cauliflower at dinner we just eat one small bite at a time)  We have another $5500 due when we turn in our dossier.  I feel confident that we will have that money, but we have several more "bites" to follow and we could really use your prayers here!  God is faithful and we know He has led us down this road so He will provide.  Please pray for God's continue provision as we seek to do His will.

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