Saturday, January 19, 2013

Why? My Romanian experience...Day 1

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This is a post I've been procrastinating writing.  Not because I don't care, but simply because I don't know how to express the extent of my passion.

I have been blessed by a friendship with a young woman who has a heart for the orphan crisis and began a website and campaign to advocate and raise money for orphaned children with special needs and families who are going to adopt children with special needs.   She asked those who are involved in this campaign to share their passion for orphan ministry.  It seems I can procrastinate no longer. :)

When I was 19 I had an unbelievable opportunity to go to Romania....One day maybe I will write about God's provision for that trip....I had a heart for missions and orphans with special needs before then, but that trip changed my life and my world view.


March 17th, 2002

Well, today was the first in Romania.  My first thought it (Bucharest) is an awfully small city for a main city.  The roads and traffic are just as bad as Germany and one of the girls from Michigan and I have decided that if you want to stay alive and cross the street you better figure out how to do it in 3 seconds because I don't think the drivers here would hesitate to run over a pedestrian.  Cont....

 Trula, Elizabeth (from Romania), Christie and Elizabeth (From Michigan), Karina, and I all went for a walk this afternoon after we got to the apartment.  It seems like in any city , if you walk long enough you'll find the "good part" - not so here (at least not that I've seen yet).  
I suppose we must wreak of Americans because just as we walked outside the apartment a soccer game had ended and hundreds of fans came down the middle of the streets blowing whistles and singing songs and as we stopped at an overpass to watch the crowd it seemed like every eye turned towards us. 

" It's funny how some people will see you and love and others will see you and hate you." 

 For example, as I looked down I saw a boy blow me a kiss while another just ahead of him glared at us and flipped  us off... At any rate it was a sight to behold.  I wish there was a way I could describe the crowd and the events in which you could truly understand the excitement.

As we walked I noticed so many run down apartments, and streets filled with trash. There was a little boy about 9 playing in a yard although it might be more appropriately labeled a "dump" for all the broken glass and trash.  I know this is only a glimpse of this city. but it already tears at my heart.  

I had to chew my lip to keep from crying when we passed a couple of guys kicking and beating up a guy in the middle of the city.  No back ally, no dark street, just in the center of everything in late afternoon.  It must be an everyday occurrence because no-one really seemed to notice, or if they did they didn't care.

Well I know that tomorrow holds its own surprises and I'm praying for God to give me a strength and joy in every situation. 

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