Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Heart broken for Walt

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OK, I really don't have the time right this minute to write a long, elaborate post.  Realistically it would probably be mostly heartsick ramblings anyway and this picture can say more than I words....


Walt #359 OD

359_PhotoWalt is a 4-year-old boy has massive hydrocephalus, hypotrophy and delayed neuro-psychological development.
He does not stand upright and does not make steps; He is unstable if not provided with some kind of support.The child does not react when being called by name. He does not understand the adults’ speech. According to the caregivers, the child sometimes pronounces unspecified sound combinations when contacted by an adult. When stimulated with verbal and tactile stimuli, the child reacts with a brief look.He does not reach for and does not hold objects with his hands.The child eats alone, assisted by an adult. He cannot control his physiological needs.
Additional information will be available from the agency.

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