Sunday, February 10, 2013

Maybe 2 more lights???

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We started this journey to adoption in faith that what God has called us to He will provide for.  He has already provided for us so abundantly and in ways we never expected.

We are continuing to learn about Lance's country and several others and our burden for these children grows.  We wish we could save every single child who is laying helpless in cribs never knowing love.
Right now there is a child in Lance's country who is making huge improvements in his orphanage.  He is filled with life and a desire to live and DO and BE! This same beautiful child, created in the image of God, will be transferred to an institution if he isn't adopted. Not just any institution, but one of the worst!  A sad, heart breaking place - a prison of sorts.

Todd and I are in a very unique place right now...we have a 2 week window where we are still able to add a second child to our adoption.  We have prayed about the possibility of adding a second child, but until now there was not a child who was so ingrained into our minds as Lance was....again that was UNTIL NOW.  We are filled with love for this little one, and excited at the possibility of bringing him into our family.

To add a second child is only $7000.00.  Ok, let me help put that into perspective:

A family for 4 vacation to Disneyland
Lasting value:  1 week

A modest USED car 
likely will have over 100k miles
Lasting value:  MAYBE 5 years

A child living in an orphanage in Eastern Eurpe
Lasting value:  ETERNAL!!!


We are seeking God's wisdom and provision in this matter and ask that you would please consider making a donation to help us bring another little one home! $5, $10, $1?  This small donation from you could be the world...the difference between life and death literally...for a child.
Thank you so much for considering helping us!


  1. Please do bring home two. This is a request coming from a complete stranger, who just came upon your blog for the first time. But there are so many kids and so few willing families. . . if you are willing, please step out in faith and trust God to provide. I will donate to help, and will encourage others to as well.

    1. Oh thank you so much!!! We want to bring this little one home with Lance so much, my heart aches!! Thank you for your encouragement and support!