Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Someone go get Drake!!

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I have completely fallen behind on my posts, so I'm REALLY sorry.  We spent the last 2 weekends in Denver and I've been spending all of my "extra" time making quilts and preparing our dossier!! YAY

I just HAD to post about this little boy who, along with so many others, has captured my heart.

Drake is absolutely precious!  He is 4 years old and has just grown and progressed so much lately.  He is pushing himself in his wheelchair, takes steps in his walker, learning to feed himself, and LAUGHS AND SMILES SOO MUCH!  He is truly one of the happiest little souls I have ever seen. The prognosis for his diagnosis is so good and I am confident that he would thrive in a family!  SOMEONE GO GET HIM!!!


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