Thursday, March 7, 2013

"Drake" and Forty to Forever

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Let me tell you a little bit about "D", our soon to be oldest son!  First of all I'm gonna start with a picture - because let's face it we still just like to see pictures!

 Drake was first listed for international adoption in 2009 and this was the picture they offered.  A little boy with tubes taped all over his face, awkward legs and a scared sad little expression.
He waited another year - "not wanted" 2010, another year "not wanted" 2011, ANOTHER YEAR "not wanted" 2012....Here's the picture of him in 2012
Look at how he had changed!  He is doing so well and the video shows him playing with the toys and being very patient with his caretaker.  Todd and I saw this picture and a short video of him a few months ago and I was ASTOUNDED at how amazing he was doing.  What a precious little boy.  Surely someone will want him now!  He waited still and in 2013 he got an updated picture and several videos:

He smiles and laughs, he wheels himself around in his wheel chair, takes steps in a walker, tries to feed himself and is PERFECT!  I could NOT stop thinking about this little man!  He is incredible, adorable, filled with possibilities - HOW DOES HE NOT HAVE A FAMILY?  A greater question still:  Why can't WE be his family???  Oh dear Lord! I love him!  Is it even possible?  We are almost past the point of being able to add another child and our social worker only approved us for one anyway.  We can't.....we can't, BUT GOD CAN and HE DID!  We make a promise that IF God would move a few mountains for us in 2 weeks that we would commit confidently and excited.  God moved all of those mountains in LESS than ONE week!!!! 

2013 - WANTED!!! Wanted more than words can possibly express

This little boy will become our oldest son, a brother to 2 sisters and 2 brothers.  He will become OURS FOREVER!

We are hoping to send in our last bit of the dossier to his country next week and then we wait to hear that we can GO VISIT him for the first time! For the very first time he will get to meet his mommy! 
We still need about $9000.00 to be fully funded for our adoption and today we are being featured on Forty to Forever - every entry made for the huge giveaway today goes to Drake.  Will you please take a minute to visit the site, look at the AWESOME giveaway items and enter for Drake?

Forty to Forever!

Thank you so much for reading the beginning about Drake - their is SO much more!

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