Saturday, March 9, 2013


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The end of February I announced that we would be giving away a total of $750 split amongst 3 families that YOU nominate. (You can read that post here)

I have never had so much fun waiting to give away money before!  It's been so exciting to see the love and generosity of people that I have never met support these families (many whom they have never met either) There are now less than 2 weeks left to vote and decide and nominations have officially been closed.  That means that here are the 6  families in contention for winning:

Jacob for the Kroll family.  Learn more about this family

Priscilla for the Einfeld family. Learn more about this family

Sarai for the Colwell family.  Learn more about this family

Nico for the McIntee family:  Learn more about this family

Adam and Alvin for the Mitchell family.  Learn more about this family

Jack and Jensen for Jon and Angela.  Learn more about this family


1st place = $400.00

2nd = $250.00

3rd = $100.00

This makes a really big difference to families who are trying so hard to bring their kiddos home so please remember to either share on facebook to earn a vote or donate $5 or more to our donate button for 5 or more votes! (Basically 1 vote per dollar donated)  Just MAKE SURE TO EMAIL YOUR RECEIPT WITH A NOTE ABOUT WHO YOU ARE VOTING FOR to


  1. I shared on my wall, and had two friends re-share that post with a link to your page. So, please add three votes for the Mitchell family!

  2. I shared for a vote for the Mitchells!
    Thank you!

  3. emailed a donation receipt :o)