Sunday, March 24, 2013

The OFFICIAL results of our Giveaway

Let me start by saying Thank you to everyone who donated, shared, nominated, and advocated.  I know how hard adoption and fund raising can be and I hope that this giveaway blesses each of you and the children we are all fighting so hard for.

I started this giveaway a month ago because we were in a unique position of needing to giveaway $750 and not knowing who to give that to.  There are SO many families that NEED the money and we just couldn't make a decision.  We left that up to all of you and were so astounded to see and feel the love that so many people have for these children.  It was a blessing to us in so many ways, but one of the things that I loved the most about this giveaway was seeing HOW MANY PEOPLE IT TAKES TO ADOPT ONE CHILD!!!

  In the end there were almost 2000 votes!!! 

So many of those votes came from a friend or family member, or friend of a friend saying "this is worth my time"  it took a few seconds to share on facebook and so many of you did!  One of our nominees mentioned how encouraged she was just to see her friends "sharing" on her behalf.

Sometimes in this road we call "Adoption" we are so busy working and fighting for our children and we feel like no-one else sees the cries of the orphans we love or that no-one else notices the battle that goes on each day, not just in our own journey but in the journey and lives ofthousands!

Can I just say - when you click "share" or take a few seconds on Sunday morning to say you are praying - it matters!!!  It refreshes and refills us!

So a big THANK YOU for "sharing" the burden.

What?!?!  You are only bearing with this post because you want to know who won?  Ok...I announced after the voting closed on Friday, the 22nd that I would double check the votes and give the OFFICIAL results today (Sunday) 

The first and second place families especially had advocates literally falling asleep at their computers trying to make sure that these families got first!  I cheered every time a family jumped ahead and then also felt disappointed for the other family because I knew how important this was to them. I wished more than anything that I could give all 6 families all the money, but in the end this was the result:

THIRD PLACE and $100.00:   The Colwell family for Sarai (Read about them here) =   343 votes

OK, now here is where it gets tricky....

 Jon and Angela for Jack and Jensen (Read about them here) =   600 votes 
 The McIntee family for Colton (Read about them here)=   597 votes

Did you catch that??  3 VOTES!! The difference between $400 for first place and $250 for second place was 3 votes.  

So what's a girl to do???? CALL IT "TOO CLOSE TO CALL"!!!  What does this mean?

We have chosen to award both Jon and Angela AND The McIntee family with First place.  Each family will be given $400.00.

Quick recap (For those of you who just scrolled to the bottom to see the results ;) :

3rd Place:  The COLWELL Family will receive $100.00

1st Place (TIE):  JON AND ANGELA will receive $400.00

1st Place (TIE): The MCINTEE Family will receive $400.00       


  1. YEAH for all the families! And thank you for doing such a wonderful thing in advocating for these kids!!!

  2. Oh my dear... bless you & your family for being so very generous & giving both families 1st place! Thank you!