Monday, March 18, 2013

Update and a few thoughts

We added "Drake" so now we are bringing home 2 precious little boys.  What this add has meant for us is more paperwork, notaries, money, and time.  Paperwork is one thing, along with notaries ( and apostilles - just one more step in the international adoption world), money - it will come, TIME - that's the one I hate.  Someone said the days are long, but the months are short.  Oh my goodness, sometimes the days just seem endless... I am so ready to go meet my little ones in person.  I want to hold them and tell them how much they are loved and wanted.  I want to see their little eyes and hold their hands.  I want to show them what a Mother's love is.

So, this is what I've learned in the past few weeks:

1) Our lawyer in country is WONDERFUL and very helpful.  I asked her for any information on Lance and she got back to me right away with updates!  This has brought good news and sad news.
Good news:  Lance cries when he is not being fed or given attention (That's good because it means sometimes he DOES get attention and he has not lost his "voice")  
Good news:  Lance likes to be touched and caressed (I had worried he would not)
Good news:  He seems to be a favorite - I think
Sad news:  He has hydrocephalus something we didn't know initially (although it does not need a shunt at this point)
Sad news:  At 2 years 8 months he weighs about 13 pounds (That's about what a 3 or 4 month old weighs)

2)  Drake
Good news:  Drake is a favorite in his orphanage
Good news:  He tries to draw lines when someone shows him
Good news:  His diagnosis of Arthrogryposis seems to be very mild - he is able to do much and his feet do not appear to be in immediate need of casting or other surgeries (time will tell)
Sad news:   At 4 years old he weighs about 19 pounds (Think 10 month old)

There are so many things that we are learning or trying to learn, but our children are all worth it!  We have heard from several people that we are taking on SO much, we have heard several comments that people are worried about US, and most people look at us cross eyed when we tell them that we are adopting not one, but two children and that those children have severe special needs.  Can I just say that we are not "taking on" or "choosing" this.  God has led us to this place and just as He gave us our first three children He has given us these 2 more.  We would be in direct disobedience to HIM if we did not care for the children He has given to us and that includes children who have spent their lives starved, hurt, alone, and in pain. Children that were born to different mothers who for one reason or another could not care for them.    Every Christian is called to ministry and that ministry looks different for each person, I am so grateful that the ministry God has called ME to is one that I love!  He didn't call me to move to Africa where I will live in the dirt and fight off chiggers.  He didn't call my family to live in Afghanistan where we will be killed immediately for our faith.  He didn't call me to live with the chronic pain of cerebral palsy or arthrogryposis.  No, in His mercy He gave me a wonderful, loving husband who works hard and loves God, He gave me a comfortable house, food that I like and plenty of it, healthy children, Freedom to worship Him,  a comfortable climate without chiggers/tornados/hurricanes/extreme heat/extreme cold, and a million other things.  The thing He DID call me to is to be a wife of a great man and a mother to the children He gives me.  Then He gave me beautiful, healthy children, and a heart for even more children.  Then He said "these 2 souls need a family and I will give you a heart and a desire to be their family and then I will provide all that you need, you just need to be willing...."  OK! GOD I AM WILLING! 

I am not disillusioned - it will be hard!  I am still willing and you know, as hard as it WILL BE, I am so blessed by my life.  My life SHOULD BE HARD, I am a wretched sinner.  But in God's endless grace and mercy He carries my burdens and helps me through them and then He says "I will give you joy and peace.  Pick up your cross and follow Me."

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  1. Amen! i am so glad you have news about your boys & that they are mostly good news. You took the words right out of my mouth - we have been given so much and when God calls us to do His work, we simply need to step up & He is right there with us. Wishing you every blessing...