Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How quickly our God works!

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Four days ago I blogged about a little girl affectionately known as Sadie on Reece's Rainbow (You can read that post here)

Some details about Miss Sadie:

She has been listed several times on Reece's Rainbow, Rainbow Kids, and a few other sites.

She can talk and is SMART

She is itty bitty

She is beautiful

Her voice is as small as her little frame


As I posted on Facebook tonight, I don't really know why I am every surprised when God answers prayers the way that we hope He will.  He has loved Sadie from the moment He knit her together in her mother's womb.  He knew that she would be an outcast and abandoned child in her country.   He knew that she would be fragile and "break" easily.  He also knew what joy her laughter would bring to Him.  He knew exactly how her little voice would sound as she repeated animal names in one of her books.  I imagine as He was creating her how much joy He was filled with.  How excited He was as He thought of her life and all that she would accomplish and be capable of.  I imagine that He has been watching expectantly for this day when her picture and name would show up on the "My Family Found Me" page and the dozens of people who have seen her face and prayed for her would at once rejoice and sing His praises.  Can't YOU just imagine?!

I serve such an amazing and mighty God.  May praises flow forth continually from my lips to my God.  Thank You Lord for answering our pleas for Miss Sadie. May it be pleasing to You to bring her home quickly and safely.

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