Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Impatiently waiting

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6 months ago today I saw a video and a few pictures that tied a string so tightly around my heart that I could not bear to ignore it.

So our dossier is in Eastern Europe being translated and authenticated.  Once that is done it gets submitted to the MOJ (Minister of Justice) who will give us a verbal referral (that doesn't really mean anything), followed by the official written referral.   The written referral is the gold I'm waiting for right now!  With that comes updates on our little bitty boys and TRAVEL DATES!  Usually from arrival in country to travel is around 6-8 weeks.  I have REALLY been praying for May travel, but that just might not be a reality.  May is a B U S Y month for L and D's country.  Being a primarily Orthodox country they follow the Eastern calendar which celebrates Easter (Pascha) in May of this year. 

Well, that's not a problem except that no-one is going to want to be working on Easter ( and if I'm going to be honest - I believe they shouldn't as it is the Sabbath, and also the Resurrection Day of Christ) which means an extra week of waiting. 

There are also supposed to be elections the middle of May.   You may or not know that pretty much the entire government in country resigned in February.  There have been interim people in  place until the elections so signing referrals, and timelines have been thrown out the window as some people have gotten moved along quicker than usual and others have been waiting.  I don't know what to expect for the delays in May, but I was really hoping to have travel dates before the business and changes set in.

PLEASE PRAY for us when you have a minute.  I am beyond anxious to meet and hold my little boys.

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