Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"Loading Loading Loading..."

(My 3 year old daughter always says very patiently "loading loading loading...." while she is waiting for a movie to start on netflix.  So as I was trying to decide what to name this post I was thinking along the lines of "waiting" and this popped into my head)

Our dossier was submitted, we received our verbal referral last week and are now waiting for the "official written" referral.  Can I just say I am SO antsy?  Since my boys' country is about 9 hours ahead of us, this means I wake up at all hours of the night tempted to check my e-mail "just in case."

So let me fill you in on what our official referral will bring:  Once we receive the official referral we will get an updated report on our kiddos and travel dates! I've been told that our in country attorney usually allows for travel a week later, but since they celebrate the Eastern calendar for Easter that means that the beginning of May will be a holiday and likely cause some delay.  Right now we are estimating mid to late May for travel!! (YAY!!!)

Bad news/good news.  The bad news is that Todd can't travel with me for our first trip because he just cannot take the time off of work.  I have stressed and tried to figure out a way that he could come, but right now that door is closed. I have been so sad about that as I hate being away from  him, especially at a time that is likely going to be emotional and strenuous, but I know that God has known this from the beginning and has planned things according to His perfect will.  The good news is that means we only have to pay for one plane ticket!

Bad news/good news.  Once I get back fro trip one we will have fees of around $7000.00 due - and when I say "when I get back" I mean like the following week.  Right now we are about $1500.00 short of having that.  The good news here is that we have a $2000.00 matching grant that once met will give us exactly what we need for those fees!! SOOoooo.. if you would like to help us reach that you can support us financially HERE.

There's my update in a nutshell ;)  I REALLY hope my next update is to tell you when I will be traveling!  Thank you so much for your support and please continue to pray for God's protection over my children and that the Ministry of Justice will be pleased to sign QUICKLY! :D

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