Monday, April 22, 2013

Adoptive Family Spotlight

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I always seem to have a hundred and one things that I want to write about and they all feel so important that I never want to rush through them, but the fact is life is busy and it's not likely to slow down any time soon.  Meaning, if I'm waiting for hours with nothing else to do so I can write a perfect post it will NEVER get written - so bear with me here.

  I've been thinking about how much I appreciate what other adoptive families are going through to prepare for their children to come, and to raise every penny that it takes to get from commitment to HOME FOREVER!  It takes time, work, and money, but what I am learning is the hardest is the PATIENCE!

I want to give you all a chance to meet some of the beautiful, amazing families I've connected with since committing to Lance in October, 2012.

The first family I want to introduce is the M family. Jaclyn and Kevin live a few hours from me and maybe because of that close geographic proximity I felt a connection to them right away.  They have three little girls and are adopting two boys from the same country Lance and "Drake" are from. 
Jaclyn has been huge encouragement to me over the past several months and has helped me through the paper trail on so many occasions.  Aside from that she is continually trying to help every family out there raise whatever funds they may need all the while she is working on getting her sons home.

 Let me introduce their beautiful little boys.  There is an orphanage that had been run for several years (since before the fall of the communist government) by a harsh unloving woman.  Several children suffered unimaginable neglect and only recently was this woman exposed and removed from her position.  The new director is working tirelessly to help undo the damage, but she has a long hard road ahead of her and some of the damage seems insurmountable.  It was in this very cold environment that the M family's little boy has survived for the last 6 years.  He is beautiful, perfect, happy, and TINY!  He weighs about 20 pounds, many of which are from an overgrown head from hydrocephalus left untreated for far too long.
Their second son is also 6 years old.  He has soft curly brown hair, and deep brown eyes with eyelashes that match.  He is also very small for his age.  He has been in a group home and is beginning to make great progress, he is starting to walk for the first time in his 6 years and is absolutely a character!  He likes to "build" or maybe "design" is a better word.  He spent hours rearranging chairs and bowls until they were lined up "perfectly", he would stand back and survey his work very seriously and once he was satisfied he would go snuggle in with his grandpa as if to say "Look what a great job I did!" 
Both of these boys have lived out their lives never knowing what a mother or father were or feeling the love of a family.  That is about to change!! Their Mom and Dad are coming soon for them and I would ask that if you have a chance to pray for quick court dates for them or if you would like to support them financially they would be so appreciative.  Learn more about them and see pictures of their precious family here.  Or you can make a tax deductible donation here.

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