Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Lina and Augustin

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Some of you will remember me posting about a little girl named Lina who was listed on Reece's Rainbow the first time last summer.  The first thing that caught my eye about her was HER eyes. Absolutely big, bright, and brilliant.  She was a baby then and looked every bit the part.  Her report read that while she had a lot of medical issues that she was beginning to make progress.  This little girl held a special place for me and for some reason I felt drawn to follow along her journey and pray for her family to find her.

I watched as she was transferred from the hospital to the orphanage where she seriously regressed.  She could no longer hold her head up or eat from a spoon as she had become severely malnourished. I was heartbroken for her and the spot in my heart for her grew a little bit more. 
This beautiful little girl had changed so much and I was thrilled when another mom said she would help me fight for Lina.  Lina continued to regress to a point of being barely recognizable and the sheen had gone from her eyes. 

How I wish I was writing now to tell you that she had been adopted or had a family coming for her.  I cannot even give you an update on this precious little angel as her country has banned all US adoptions.  Lina has no choice right now, but to lie and wait for a miracle or for our Heavenly Father to take her to her eternal home with Him.  

There are TWO things I would ask you to pray with me for.  The first being that God would minister to Lina in her pain and solitude.  That our Father who created this life would also bless it.

Now for the second.  When I saw this little one his eyes grabbed me just like Lina's did.  He reminds me in so many ways of Lina and his country IS allowing adoptions to the US.  


Augustin was listed several months ago and, like Lina, I thought he would have families fighting over him.

He has those enormous eyes that you could get lost in.  Huge eyes on that tiny little face that behold so many stories of hurt and sorrow.  Eyes that have seen and heard too much and not nearly enough. 

Augustin is just over 2 years old and has cerebral palsy affecting all four of his limbs.  He is absolutely tiny as is evidence in his picture and more than anything he needs to know the love of a family who is willing to be the hands and feet of Jesus to this life.

Until yesterday Augustin had about $60 towards his adoption, but as of today he has about $1220! Will this fund an entire adoption? No, of course not, but it is a giant step towards funding for his family.  

My Second request from you is that you would please PRAY for Augustin.  He needs a family as much as Lina does and while there is not a lot practically that we can do for Lina as a church body, there is a lot we can do for Augustin.  We can fight hard to find his family and then help them get to him. 

CHURCH/ Body of Christ - Will you PLEASE rise up and fight for this soul?!

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