Friday, May 10, 2013

Travel Dates at last!!

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THIS HAS BEEN A LOOOONG MONTH.  WE MAILED OUR DOSSIER TO BE CARRIED PERSONALLY BY ANOTHER ADOPTIVE FAMILY THE MIDDLE OF MARCH.  (Alright that's enough caps, you get the point that I'm excited right?)  Our verbal referral was received the 11th of April and  through some deductive reasoning I began hoping for our written referral about 2 weeks later.  Well, that did NOT happen.  

I was crabby and tired from not sleeping and truthfully began to wonder if this was all just a pipe dream.  I stayed up until 3:30 a.m. this morning (12:30 p.m. for my kiddos' country) and decided that I just could not will the Minister of Justice to sign - no matter how hard I prayed or strived.  I had a good long talk with God - mostly confessing my sin of impatience and asking for help.  I went to bed resolved to "let it go" (at least for a few hours while I slept) and when I got up this morning there it was:

New e-mail:  Signature

AHHH! (Imagine that is the sounds of a chorus of angels)  I hadn't realized that I had really not taken a deep breath in a month and boy did it feel good to breath again.  

I am going to meet my little men!! I am going to touch their flesh and blood.  I get to hold them and kiss them and tell them they are loved! THEY ARE LOVED!! Oh my goodness, has anyone ever told them that?  I, their momma,will!!!! 

So,  the week of May 27th will be my first week in my littles' country and the first day I will get to hold Lance - 8 months after we inquired about him.  Then the week of June 3rd will be Drake's turn.

Please continue to pray with us along this journey - we are about half way there!  

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