Wednesday, May 22, 2013

One more day!

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That's right guys! I am leaving in one more day.  I can't believe I am so close to meeting those precious little men that I have been praying for and loving for so long. 

I'm packed (I think) and am ready to go....I'll be honest, I am not incredibly excited to be flying across the world by myself and leaving my other 3 children and husband behind.  In fact for a mom who never leaves her babies (EVER) this is a huge leap for me.  At the same time I know my children here are well cared for and will be loved exceedingly while I'm gone, I know my children there have NEVER known the love of a mother outside of the womb (and I do pray that they knew love then) and I ache to hold them and look in their eyes, to read them stories, and sing them songs.  To show MY children what a mom is for the first time in their lives.

Please if you would be praying:

1) For me to connect with these little ones who have never heard or understood the word "Mother,"  for them to also connect with me.

2)  For wisdom to know what things to ask and when to be quiet and ask nothing

3)  For God's protection and safety as I travel...that I will arrive without delays.

4)  For my family I am leaving in the states.

5)  For my health as I am not feeling well and REALLY need things to be cleared up before I start that long journey!

Thank you all so much for caring about Lance and "Drake"!!

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  1. Praying for you and for a smooth journey....
    God bless,
    Ines Wallace