Saturday, June 1, 2013

Meeting Lance

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I'm sorry this post is late coming.  I know many of you have been waiting for an update and I'm sorry it hasn't been sooner.

This was from the post I wrote Monday afternoon: 

So I did NOT sleep last night at all, I was so absolutely anxious. I got up early and dawdled until it was time to leave. As I was riding to Blago, the ride was only and hour and a half and I thought "It will pass quickly...that's a short trip." Can I say LONGEST SHORT TRIP OF MY LIFE?! So I checked into the hotel and about 5 minutes later Yavor and I were on our way to see my little boy. I could not stand the anticipation and paced in the foyer of the orphanage more than anxious to finally see Lance, to finally hold him....minutes ticked by and turned agonizingly slowly by to hours. We waited for two hours before the director arrived to speak to us. She wanted to know if I knew that "this child" has cerebral palsy? Yes. Did I know that he has asthma? Yes. Do I know that he gets sick easily? Yes. Ok, we will take you to a room to meet him.... Yavor, the social worker, and I crowded into a little closet they call an elevator and headed to the floor below. I waited forever in the little green room in the basement (sort of) until I heard footsteps. THIS IS IT!!! THIS IS THE MOMENT. (I am crying thinking of it) and in comes the social worker carrying my little boy. So much longer and older looking than his picture from a year ago. Straight as a board from his CP and with big toddler teeth reminding me that he is not an infant, but a little boy in an infant sized body. I took him immediately and kissed his tiny, pale face.
I'm not sure if I'm allowed to share any pictures with you all, but as soon as I know I will let you know!
So armed with my list of questions I waited as Yavor discussed them with the director and social worker to see what they would say. To say I was nervous is an absolute understatement.
Question 1: What meds and what doses is he on?
Answer: The neurologist doesn't have him on anything right now
Question 2: Could we possibly put him on baclofen for his tight muscles?
Answer: Maybe, but I need to know that he needs more than medicine. He needs therapies.
***Well I'm glad you brought that up! ;)
Question 3: What therapy is he getting
Answer: The therapist was laid off in February....he gets none
Question 4: Can we hire a therapist to work with him regularly until we pick him up forever?
Answer: YES! The therapist happens to be here visiting the director and will come talk to you in a minute!

****Ok, my heart is pounding now! Things are going so much better than I ever anticipated!!!

Question 5: How often does he eat?
Answer: 5 or 6 times a day
Question 6: What does he eat?
Answer: pureed meet, veggies, and broth
Question 7: Can we buy him a formula supplement to be given while he waits for us?
Answer: YES! I will find the name of the one he needs
Question 8: Can I have more visits?
Answer: YES!!! Wednesday and Thursday I can visit him twice. The social worker said that after yesterday's visit Lance felt very happy.
 Lance had a therapy session with the therapist on Tuesday and he hasn't had one since February so it was painful for him.  He cried and struggled and it broke my heart. 
 I could go on forever about this last week, but I will tell you that Lance's needs are severe.  I was prepared for the worst but hoping for the best and I was heart broken to see that he was very near the worst.  The orphanage staff is much better than I hoped for and I will be able to pay for a therapist to work with him until our Gotcha day.  It is not a well funded orphanage and they really need some equipment.  I am hoping to raise the money to buy them an electrostimulator which they will be able to use for therapy on all of the kids in the orphanage and even some of the kids in the region with families.   The agency in the US that I am working with (About A Child) is trying to set up some kind of account for things like providing for the orphanages there. If you are interested in helping raise these funds please comment here!

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