Saturday, August 17, 2013

The "woobie" and a Giveaway!

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Well, my little one woke up from his nap yesterday with a fever and has been a sluggish, tired, restless all around uncomfortable little guy ever since.  I've decided to forgo all of my ambitious plans of grocery/school shopping, sewing, cleaning, baking for the week, and laundry for a much better thing:  Quality mommy time with my "Bubby."
So while I am sitting here with a feverish little one snuggled up on my chest, I decided to make use of this down time to share my fascination with quilts and the "woobie" story.

My great aunt was growing up in the US during a time when the country was in the Depression. She had a mother who was unavailable for various reasons and a painful childhood at best.  As a teenager she decided that rather than wearing the oversized frumpy secondhand clothes she was given that she was going to sew and sell pot holders.   She made pot holders (I have no idea how many!) and sold them door to door.  With the money she made from cutting up those old clothes and making them into potholders she bought nice new clothes that fit.  No-one ever knew that she wasn't wealthy because she took such amazing care of herself and was blessed with natural beauty which was accentuated by her inner beauty (the best kind IMO).
As an adult Aunt Betty married an amazing man and raised two beautiful children (one who was adopted!) and became an incredible quilter.  My mom adored my aunts quilts and passed that love onto me.  Aunt Betty's quilts were like gold to us, whenever we visited and saw her quilts we were ever so careful with them and nothing was ever as comfortable as handquilted quilt of Aunt Betty's.
I was given one of these quilts as an infant and my mom cherished it like a precious gem, not wanting to use it because it might get torn, or stained, or ruined in some way. aunt found that out and insisted that she let me use it.  Use it and LOVE it I did!  It was the perfect size for my little hands and body and I carried it with me everywhere.  I'm not sure when or how, but it eventually got the nickname "woobie."  My mom patched my woobie more than once and eventually it had to be retired and she repurposed part of it into a small doll blanket (that still needed a patch because so piece was big enough by itself to be made into the blanket without having a patch).  Every once in a while I see something that was made with a fabric from my woobie and I get flooded with emotions.  No store bought blanket can ever compare to a genuine woobie!

OK! So now you know the story of the woobie.   I got to visit my Aunt for a few weeks when I was a teenager and she taught me how to make a quilt.  Oh the seam ripping I did!  I was so tired of having to have each corner matched up by the end of those two weeks, but the result was a quilt that I could be proud of.   When we started our adoption I tried to think of something I could do practically to help raise the more than $30,000.00 we would need to complete the adoption and once again I was reminded of seam ripping and corner matching.  The result?  More seam ripping, broken needles, dull scissors  and rotary cutters, knotted arm muscles and some really fun WOOBIES!

The First Woobie Giveaway is the Dinosaur Woobie.

In keeping with Aunt Betty size woobies this is 32x32 (appx) and gets softer and snugglier the more you wash it.

Once this number reaches $10550.00 I will draw a winner and ship them this one of a kind woobie.
All you have to do is:

a) donate toward our adoption

b) Share this blogpost on facebook (You MUST Comment on this post to be entered)

c)  Feature our family in a blogpost on YOUR blog!

That easy :D

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  1. Donated a little, praying God will bless it and multiply it! I will also share on fb now! <3 Brooke Kirk