Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Quilts, Needs, and our timeline

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We have had our Article 5 and all of our second stage documents should have been authenticated and translated by now, which means.....(insert drum roll) we should be officially submitted any day now!  What happens from now is we wait for the Minister of Justice to sign off on our dossier and assign us a judge who will then assign a court date.  Once we have had court the boys will legally become ours although we will have to wait about a month from court to go pick them up.

Things could move quickly from this point, but the MOJ and most of the courts are on holidays until the middle of September, so we likely will not be traveling to pick them up until  the end of October or some time in November.  Todd will be staying home with the kids here. It was a very difficult decision to make, but based on the fact that our 3 here are still little and their lives are about to be turned upside down we really felt that we needed to have one parent here for them during what is likely going to be a stressful time for them.  This also will give us a little bit of leg room in case one or both of the boys needs to be hospitalized and Todd needs to take time off for that.  Having said that God has been orchestrating the adoption from the very beginning and He is continuing to provide for even someone to help me on the pick up trip when the people I would normally rely on are unable to.

So, I've been sewing quilts like crazy and will be auctioning them off during the next few weeks to try to get the rest of the funds we will need TO GO GET THOSE BOYS!! :D  Currently we are about $6000.00 short of being fully funded. So please consider purchasing a quilt (Christmas will be here before you know it!) or making a tax deductible donation (because why wait for December when you can help us now :D) !

Please donate here :D

Thank you all for continuing to join our family in prayer and encouragement during this incredible adventure and step of faith.

*** A few other things in case you happen to have access to some of the following or know where we can get some for a good price ;)

We will be needing:

1) A toddler carseat for Elliott
2) A wheelchair or walker for Elliott
3) Medela SNS to help feed Lance in country if needed
4) A 7 passenger vehicle!
5) Formula formula formula! (It is super expensive and we would love to have a good supply on hand - if you or someone you know has been given samples or coupons please consider donating them if you will not need them!)
6) Clothes.  Right now Lance is in 3-6 month clothes and Elliott is in 4T shirts and 3T pants.
We are expecting some serious growth once they are home though, so other sizes will be very useful too ;)

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