Friday, October 25, 2013

Prayer and Augustin

I am in love with my children.  All 5 of them are amazing gifts that I am honored to call my own. Having said that, sometimes I see a little one who I know is not meant to be MY child, but I care about them more than most and want to see them in a family so much I can barely stand it.

Augustin is one of these kiddos.  I fell in love with those big eyes the moment he was listed and his diagnosis was so similar to Lance's that I couldn't help but care about him.  

A few months ago I FINALLY got a bulletin board up at our church to keep the congregation up to date on all things adoption related.   I wanted to have  waiting child that our church body could really embrace and pray for.  Someone that we could diligently commit to caring about even for those who are not called to adopt themselves.  I put up pictures for members to take home and put on their refrigerators with a brief description of Augustin.  Several weeks past and none of the pictures had been taken home and I was truthfully feeling discouraged, until Sunday September 23 our pastor held up little Auggie's picture and mentioned to the church that we would like to pray for him and encouraged people to take home his picture, put it on their refrigerators or wherever and pray for him to find a family.


His mom sent me a message last night telling me that they had seen Augustin on the 24th and committed to him the next day.  

FRIENDS LISTEN TO MY PLEA!!! These children need families, congregations, individuals fighting for their lives!  Praying for them to find a family who will take them home and love them as their own children forever.  Putting up a profile of one of these kiddos in your church atrium is NOT HARD.  Praying for them for 30 seconds each day is NOT HARD!  

PLEASE find the little one that holds your attention and just spend 30 seconds every day praying for their health, comfort, and for a family for them. Seriously...set the timer and see how long it really takes to pray for those 3 things and then follow through!  IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE!!!

NOVEMBER 3 is Orphan Sunday...what  a terrific day to start encouraging your church toward orphan ministry!  

Also...if you want to sponsor little "Auggie" to come home soon (his family is working on an expedite to get him home quickly because of the extent of his needs) you can donate here:

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