Saturday, December 15, 2012

All I want for Christmas IS: ....FBI Clearances???

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Two days ago I commented that I have been going out to check the mail around 8 every night in my socks hoping to find our FBI clearances for our dossier.  I joked about going out wanting to find those clearances along with a check for the rest of our costs ;-)

I walked back to the house with a few bills instead of a check and FBI clearances.  I was so sad.  It almost seemed cruel.

I am suspecting a few things about my the way my baby boy, Lance, is being cared for and I am once again holding back tears for him.  I can't handle the thought of someone not caring for my child because it's just not worth their time to help him.  I hate having to wait to see him and have him in my arms, but I know that God's hand is in this and once again He loves Lance more than I do.  He can minister where and when I can't and I hold on to that hope!

So in the middle of my tears this morning, I decided to go check the mailbox for the day.  I walked down the driveway "Please, Lord, it would be so great to find those clearances today...Please, Lord, Please!"  I opened the box and....TA DA!!! There they were!   Not only that, but we received an unexpected check which we were able to put towards our adoption fees for Lance!!!!

God is SOO faithful.

I am hoping to get some pictures and do a holiday post in the next few days, but until then here is a sweet reminder of the little light we are fighting so hard to get home!

"Hold tight little one,  we are working to get you home!"


  1. Oh hun I feel your pain; we worry constantly about how our sweet Aiden is being treated. Please know we are praying for your sweet boy; the Lord is watching over him and he will be with you soon!!

    1. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I pray for Aiden also that you are able to get to him quickly and that he is loved and comforted until you do!