Thursday, December 13, 2012

Let's get these babies homes!

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This morning I logged into facebook to see what good news there was in the adoption world which I am thrilled to be a part of.  I was heart sick when I read that a very corrupt director who had been removed for allowing children to be beaten, starved, and neglected to the point of death if not death itself.

18 children in 1 year died in this institution under this director!

Broken bones are left untreated (nevermind how those bones got broken in the first place???)

8 year olds weigh in at 25 pounds....5 years old: 16 pounds........7 years: 7 pounds

These are facts. Painful, heartbreaking realities....

I have to thank you for visiting my blog and reading this post.  I am so grateful to you for taking the time to read here and now I have to ask you for your help.  Please don't turn away and forget about these children...they have been forgotten for long enough!

Please pray that the director is NOT reinstated in this orphanage - progress had finally begun here and the repercussions of her coming back could be unimaginable!

Consider if you can or are willing to give one of these children a family and the hope of a future.

If you aren't able or called to adopt - consider sharing about them with your friends, your family, your coworkers EVERYONE THAT WILL LISTEN.  You never know when your voice will be the one that reaches a little soul's family!  How beautiful would it be to stand before God and learn  that because you shared this story a life was spared from this torment?!

UPDATE:  January 04, 2013 

I think Chad deserves an update.  Some children are listed and because they have big eyes or dainty little curls, or because they are girls they are inquired about and a family is found immediately or at least relatively quick.  I praise God for these families and for the children who are blessed to be scooped up so quickly.
Then there are those little ones who been dealt one blow after another.  When they were tiny infants they either weren't available for adoption or no-one saw forward 9 years and we find hundreds of thousands of little ones just like Chad.

He's 9 and has probably never been held lovingly.  He's 9 and has never been tucked in to bed or heard someone's soothing lullaby sung TO HIM.  He's never had one thing that belonged just to him.  The only thing consistent that he has known is that for 9 years he has sat in a depressing room, starved of love affection, stimulus, and many times food.  He knows that tomorrow he will wake up in the same room and nothing will be different.  If he dies no-one will mourn for him.  He will have no memorial or heartbroken mother trying to pick up the pieces.

FOLKS!  I know you all have lives that you are busy living and that many of you are called to different ministries.  We all are called to obedience to God - whatever He calls us to.  He has called my heart to the orphan crisis and because my eyes have seen I cannot and will not forget that these little ones are people just like my little ones who threw a fit this morning because they didn't like how I did their hair.  Whether you are called to be Chad's mom or dad or you are called to something or someone completely different I would plead for Chad that you please share this post about him.   He may never know that there once was a person who cared about him but let's care about him ANYWAY!

  This is Chad!  Doesn't he just make you smile?  I think Rico Suave would have been a fitting name for him - don't you? I just want to touch that precious head of hair!  Can you guess at this little one's age?  9!!! 9 years old!!!

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