Monday, October 7, 2013

Our journey to Lance and Elliott. Part 2: Elliott

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Half way through our homestudy I started thinking about the possibility of adopting TWO kids at the same time.  My husband, my friends, my family...all thought I was insane, BUT other adoptive families had done this...AND SURVIVED! I started looking at things from a "practical" standpoint.

Many people consider adoption....but choose not to because it is so expensive.
For us it would only be a few thousand dollars more to bring home another child and save a life.  If you could save the life of a child for a few thousand dollars why wouldn't you?

Because, hello! it will be soo hard!  I came back to this same place that God has been taking me since we first saw Lance: would we choose an easier road and condemn a child to a miserable imprisoned life because it is inconvenient for us?  because it would be hard?

Many people consider adoption....but choose not to because the mounds of paperwork and time it takes is overwhelming and, let's face it awful.
For us, the extra time and paperwork to add another child would be minimal...a walk in the park really!

So, I would get on and look at a sea of beautiful hurting little faces.  I would hurt for them and think "maybe we should adopt that one..or that one...or that one?"  The reality is, how could we possibly choose between any of these precious children?  Fortunately, it wasn't for me to choose.  My husband was saying no and every time he did, I felt a sense of relief that this was not my burden right now.  Right NOW, God was calling us to Lance and that was to be our focus.

Wait for it...BUT.....

That one, short little word that changes everything.   But, "Drake."  I had seen his little tubed up face before and hurt for him, but knew we couldn't take on two children with such immense needs.  He had updated videos and pictures and was a totally different child!  This little boy played with toys, smiled, wheeled himself in a chair, and was starting to feed himself.  I HAD to show Todd, just as an encouragement to see what amazing feets this little boy had made!  I showed Todd and he was, of course impressed, but I couldn't stop thinking about "Drake".  So...what could I do?  I would show him to more people.  I would shout to people that he needed a family.  Oh, but I was jealous! I loved this little guy and wished that I could be that lucky family to bring him home.  I had butterflies and was once more feeling that tug from God to make him ours.
This time, there was no "practical" thinking...just a familiar pull from God and a whole list of reasons why we couldn't adopt him right now.  (Isn't it funny how when we want something so much we immediately come up with reasons why it would be impossible)  Here are some of those reasons:

1. Ahem....Todd didn't really seem to be on board with bringing home TWO at a time.

2.  Our homestudy is complete and we are only approved for ONE child.

3.  Our USCIS paperwork is already completed and will soon have approval for ONE.

4.  We are still so short on funding and this would add another $7000.00

Alright....I realize this is getting insanely long so I'm gonna finish telling the amazing story on my next post :D

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